Reblog: Train Them Young

Teach the kids to do all chores at home – you will be a proud parent because you will gift a son or a daughter who can do the dishes, cut the veggies and clean toilets to your future daughter/ son-in-law.   You must have come across a kid tearing a shop upside-down for being […]

Train Them Young

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My Takeaway:

I once was discussing such behaviour of what the author calls ‘entitled’ kids, and another perspective was offered to me: Why to restrict the freedom of a child to just be? A parent hasn’t laboured so hard so they can’t even allow their children the fruits of that labour. More so, today’s generation is extremely career-oriented and everyone has demanding jobs. Parents don’t have all the time in the world now like yesteryears, and keeping the child occupied and less cranky requires us to give them what they want. While I absolutely did not agree to this perspective, I didn’t have any intention to impose my opinion on the speaker.

I’m soon to begin my own journey to becoming a teacher. This will entail spending most of my time with new-age kids who knew how to use a phone before they could speak their names. Most will possibly be entitled, and will find discipline, taking ownership of their own actions, and quality time with parents to be alien concepts. The future teachers of the world have a huge responsibility coming their way. Children coming out of this pandemic have lost crucial personality-development stages in addition to classroom education. The gravity of that loss is something many people haven’t been able to grasp yet. Moreover, the amount of students looking at their teachers for parental affection and direction is going to significantly grow.

Sending out an appeal and prayer to all those who belong to a child-bearing age group. A child didn’t ask us to bring him or her into the world, we do it of our own accord. It’s our responsibility to give them our love and attention, and make them as big a priority as the other important aspects of our lives. If you’re aware that you will never be able to give them that, please prepare beforehand. They may or may not end up as troubled or lonely adults. That, is an important thought to mull over.

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