The fact that we woke up today, is nothing short of a miracle.



A passionate reflection over the decorative language we use to express enmity, and sometimes weirdly enough, warmth.

Repost: My first Love ðŸ’•

If you have been following my blog you would know that I loved my wife the most. She was so lovable 💖💕 But she wasn’t my first love. My first love was sky 🌌 💖 I remember one night, just after our marriage, we were strolling hand in hand, after dinner. It was a clear, […]

The Purge

Two-and-a-half years
to the one who consumed first
a tunnel vision, self-instilled.
everyone else ceased to exist

Little Joys Of Life

Seeing five planes in the sky like moving stars next to a full golden moon.

My dog’s eyes lighting up and his awkward dance when I tell him we’re going outside to play.

My mother’s thank you, when somebody cares for her.

Things To Live By

Noting down a list of lessons either I knew all along but chose to ignore and later suffered, or wish I’d known earlier.

Hi There!

I’m A. I write about excerpts from my life, self growth, random blogs/ podcasts/ books & the thoughts they sparked, life, death & everything in between.

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